Restaurant Casa Marieta

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  estaurant Casa Marieta is located on the emblematic Plaça Independència, in the beautiful city centre of Girona. The cathedral, which has the widest Gothic nave in the world, can be seen from the Square.

rossing the stone bridge over the River Onyar you enter the heart of the old city which has a historic relationship with the Jewish community: the Jewish Call and Torre Gironella.
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ining room business hours:
Working days
From 13:00h to 15:30h
From 20:00h to 22:30h
* Summer days (terrace) from 20:00h to 23:00h
Eve & Holidays
From 13:00h to 16:00h
From 20:00h to 23:00h
To book phone: Telf. 972 20 10 16
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Casa Marieta

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